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发布日期: 2013年05月08日

E-C 长安福特

Install the components in reverse order.

Verify the customer concern.

Visually inspect for obvious signs of mechanical or electrical damage.

Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury.

TEST the system for normal operation.

Note the position of each component before removal.

Make sure that the exhaust flexible pipe is not forcibly bent.

The stabilizer bar link is a combination link. This consists of a solid link attached to the stabilizer bar with a retaining nut and a ball joint link attached to the wheel knuckle with a retaining nut. The ball joint link provides a quicker response to suspension movement. This enables the stabilizer bar to respond more directly to wheelstation movement.

Make sure that the bleed nipple cap is installed after bleeding the brake line(s). This will prevent corrosion to the bleed nipple. Failure to follow this instruction may result in the bleed nipple becoming seized.

Brake fluid contains polyglycol ethers and polyglycols. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. If brake fluid contacts the eyes, flush the eyes for 15 minutes with cold running water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. If taken internally, drink water and induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.
制动油含有聚乙二醇乙醚和聚乙二醇。 应避免接触到眼睛。在处理以后必须彻底清洗手部。如果制动油接触到眼睛,必须使用冷的自来水冲洗眼睛长达 15 分钟。如果持续发炎就必须就医治疗。如果进入体内时,喝水并催吐。立即就医治疗。未依照这些指示可能会造成人身伤害。

When releasing the system pressure, cover the expansion tank cap with a thick cloth to prevent the possibility of coolant scalding, Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury.

Electrical faults which appear, even only momentarily, when the ignition is switched on, will be stored in the fault memory of the relevant control unit and may have effects on the control system. Loose connections and fuses or connectors which have been removed or disconnected for testing purposes all count as electrical faults.

WARNING: To avoid accidental deployment, the RCM backup power supply must be depleted. Wait at least one minute after disconnecting the battery ground cable(s) before commencing any repair or adjustment to the supplemental restraint system (SRS), or any component(s) adjacent to the SRS sensors. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.
警告:为了避免意外的展开,必须耗尽RCM 备用电源供应。在开始对辅助约束系统(SRS)或任何靠近 SRS 传感器组件进行维修或调整之前,拆开蓄电池搭铁线之后应等待至少一分钟。未遵守此项指示会造成人员伤害。

C-E 长安福特

Driver air bag module
The un-removable driver air bag module is installed in the central ornamental cap of the steering wheel, as shown in Fig. 5-2. It consists of gas generator, bag, ornamental cap and a series of auxiliary components.

The electronic injection system is a multi-point fuel injection system with electronic control unit (ECU). With various sensors installed on different parts of the engine to measure each working parameter of the engine, the ECU can precisely control the fuel injection volume by controlling the fuel injector according to the pre-set control program in the computer, and achieve the most favorable air-fuel mixture for the engine under any working condition. With the control program in the ECU and relevant actuator, such functions as fuel increase at start, fuel increase at warm-up, fuel increase at acceleration, fuel increase at full load, fuel decrease at deceleration, fuel cut at idle speed, and automatic idle speed control are available in this system, which can achieve special air-fuel mixture for the engine under the special working condition. Therefore, the engine enjoys good performances in fuel efficiency and exhaust emission, and the service performance of the vehicle is improved at the same time. Besides, the trouble diagnostic mode in the ECU can make the searching of troubles much easier.

Engine compartment

1. Visually check if there is damage or leakage for all parts.

2. Cooling system: Check the antifreeze and refill if necessary. Standard value: -25℃ (-35℃ in cold area)

3. Power steering system: Check if there is any leakage; check the steering hydraulic oil level; and refill if necessary.

4. Brake system: Check if there is any leakage in brake pipeline; check the brake fluid level; and refill if necessary.

5. Replace brake fluid: Every other 2 years or every 50,000km.

6. Air cleaner: Clean the filter element every 7,500km and replace the filter element every 30,000km.

7. Engine cleaner: Replace the element every 7,500km.

8. Gasoline filter: Replace it every 30,000km.

9. Battery: Check if the positive and negative poles of the battery are tightly connected; check the electric eye.

在ECU 和线束之间接上转接器,用万用表分别检测ECU 的J1-05号和J1-43号针脚跟传感器接头(1)号和(3)号针脚之间是否断路或短路。
Connect an adapter between the ECU and the harness. Check for open or short circuit between pin J1-05, J1-43 of the ECU and the pin (1), (3) of the sensor with a multimeter.

The vent valve can keep a given pressure and vacuum degree in the tank to prevent its deformation. It consists of valve body, intake valve, exhaust valve, spring and dustproof cover. The valve is usually closed tightly to keep sealing and prevent volatile loss. When the internal pressure is 6-8kpa higher than the external pressure, the exhaust valve will be opened, which can also be adjusted by the vent valve automatically. When the internal pressure is 2-3kpa lower than the external pressure, the intake valve will be opened, which can also be adjusted by the vent valve automatically.

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