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发布日期: 2013年05月06日

第1条 概述 
Article 1 Introduction

1.1 本合同本身所包含的条款(即一般条款和双方约定的任何具体条款)应由:卖方营业地所在国的法律管辖。
1.1 The terms contained hereunder (general terms and any specific terms agreed on by the two parties) shall be subject to the law of the country where Seller’s business is located.

1.2 Any reference of trade terms (such as EXW, FCA, etc.) shall be deemed as that from INCOTERMS (2000) published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

1.3 Any modification to the Contract shall be invalid unless there is any written agreement or certification.

1.4 Each Purchase Order from the Buyer shall be an indispensable part of the Contract.

第2条 合同期限
Article 2 Term of Contract

本合同有效期为      年,自    年    月   日至   年   月  日止。除非双方在合同到期前提前90日,买卖双方经友好协商签订补签协议 ,否则该合同到期后自动终止。
The Contract shall be effective for    years, commencing on ____ and terminating on ____. It shall be automatically terminated unless the Buyer and Seller sign a complementary agreement after friendly negotiation 90 days prior to the end of the Term. 

第3条 货物特征
Article 3 Features of Product

3.1 买方按照合同约定向卖方购买以下产品:
3.1 Buyer will buy the following products from Seller according to the Contract:

Product name, quantity and delivery date of each consignment shall be based on the written notification from the Buyer. Buyer shall submit a written notification to Seller before each Purchase Order issued.

3.2所有产品应按照ISO 9001标准及批准设计图纸和样品进行生产。如有任何原因导致生产未按照ISO 9001标准及批准设计图纸和样品进行,则买方有权终止本合同(批准设计图纸和样品构成本合同中最重要部分)。
3.2 All items will be manufactured under the ISO 9001, approved drawing and sample. If for any reason, the ISO 9001, approved drawing and sample, are not adhered to or not maintained, this Contract may be terminated immediately by Buyer. (Approved drawing and sample should be the most important part under this Contract.)

3.3 Seller warrants all products to be free from defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment. (The warranty shall not apply to the product subject to damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse or damage during shipping.)

第4条 货物在装运前的检验
Article 4 Product Inspection before Shipment

If the two parties have agreed that Buyer shall have the right to inspect the products before shipment, Seller must inform Buyer that products in agreed place are ready for inspection at a reasonable time before shipment.

第5条 价格
Article 5 Price

5.1 The agreed unit prices of each product shall be set forth in each Purchase Order.

5.2 交货方式为FOB(重庆港)。
5.2 Trade terms are FOB Chongqing.

5.3 根据买方要求,制造商应协助买方安排货物运输事宜。
5.3 According to the Buyer’s requirement, the manufacturer should associate with arranging the transportation for the Buyer.

第6条  装运条件
Article 6 Terms of Shipment

6.1 The product shall be shipped according to a shipping schedule set forth in Buyer’s Purchase Order.

6.2 制造商应按照买方指定目的地进行装运安排。
6.2 The manufacturer shall make a shipping arrangement to send to the destination designated by the Buyer.

6.3 制造商应装运后15日内向买方提供所有装船单据。
6.3 The manufacturer shall provide all shipping documents to Buyer within 15 days after shipment.

6.4 买方应承担所有中国以外的国家政府或政府部门规定的对本合同涉及的产品和/或交易需征收或以后征收的进出口关税、税款及其他费用。
6.4 Any duties, tariffs for import and export or taxes or charges which are now assessed or imposed or may hereafter be assessed or imposed by the government or the governing authorities other than China in connection with the product and/or transactions thereof shall be borne and paid for by Buyer.

6.5 The product shall be marked and packed as per specifications furnished by the Buyer. Instructions shall be furnished by Buyer to manufacturer, to be provided in time for preparation of shipment of the product. If additional costs are associated with the Buyer’s special instructions, the Buyer shall pay them.

6.6 Seller shall inform Buyer of the contract number, product name, quantity, value, case number, gross weight, size and delivery date at the port through telegram (or letter) so that Buyer can book the cabin.

6.7 Seller shall immediately inform Buyer of the contract number, product name, price and delivery date through letter after shipment so that Buyer can buy insurance in time.

第7条 支付条件
Article 7 Terms of Payment

7.1 Buyer shall pay 50% of the order price as advance payment when each order issued.

7.2 Seller shall inform Buyer to pay remaining 50% payment before each delivery and shall not make delivery until receiving the payment.

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